Nine Days Bathukamma Names Procedure Significance of Bathukamma

Nine Days Bathukamma Names Procedure Significance of Bathukamma
Nine Days of Bathukamma Names :
1st Day of Bathukamma - Engilipula Bathukamma

2nd Day of Bathukamma - Atukula Bathukamma

3rd Day of Bathukamma - Muddapappu Bathukamma

4th Day of Bathukamma - Nanabiyyam Bathukamma

5th Day of Bathukamma - Atla Bathukamma

6th Day of Bathukamma - Aligina Bathukamma

7th Day of Bathukamma - Vepakayala Bathukamma

8th Day of Bathukamma - Vennamuddala Bathukamma

9th Day of Bathukamma - Saddula/Chaddula Bathukamma

Procedure on Bathukamma :
Women's start preparing Bathukamma from the afternoon. Local seasonal flowers mainly tangedi, gunuka, alli, katla and more. They cut the flowers leaving the little length base, some dip in colors, some scented and arrange them on a wide plate called tambalamu, and stack them up in a conical mount, like a cone. The flowers arranged in five, seven and more concentric columns and rows decorated with a pumpkin flower on top of the stack. In the evening Women and young girls celebrate the festival dressed up in traditional pattu saris, half Saris and Dresses and wear jewelry. After that gather in large numbers with their Bathukamma in their locality, place them in the middle and clap, Sing and dance around them in small circles. After singing and dancing around for hours, Bathukamma are taken to a lake or a pond then set afloat in the water.

Significance of Bathukamma :
In olden days Goddess Durga Devi fought with demon Mahishasura has been tired on Aswiyuja padyami became unconsciousness. Then women start prayed Durga Devi as Bathukamma with the songs and Devi became consciousness on Vijayadashami. So,because of this reason every year women will celebrate Bathukamma every year. On the last day of Bathukamma women also prepare different varieties of food mainly pulihora, daddojanam and Maleeda along with Bathukamma after singing and dancing near the pond they will share the food with each other and leave the place with joy and happiness. Bathukamma festival gives the importance of the relationship between human beings. One of the most important Bathkamma festival rituals is held at the Bhadrakali Temple in Warangal. Bathukamma festival is celebrated by all the people without the difference of Poor, rich and caste. The festival shows the relation of Earth, Water and Humans.


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