topics for interview at UPSC in 2011

  1. 2G scam, role of A. Raja and Nira Radia, oppositions unrelenting demand for JPC,
  2. The effect of Nira Radia tapes on popular journalists like Bharka Dutt, Vir Sanghvi etc and the state of journalism in the country today.
  3. Egypt crisis- origins, how and why it happened, role of Mubarak,and what will be the possible outcome of the future. With liberation of Egypt and Tunisia what will be the situation for other Middle East countries and also Israel?
  4. Gulf of Mexico, Oil spill crisis
  5. Common Wealth Games Scam,
  6. Effect of massive corruption scandals in the country.
  7. Law & Order Problems - Increasing episodes of Rape and Dishonour Killings in the country.
  8. BJP’s attempts to hoist Indian Flag at Lal Chowk- Justified?
  9. Maoist and Naxal Issues- Dhantewada massacre, kidnappings and extortion.
  10. Constant Inflation- Rising food prices, fuel, housing etc
  11. Aarushi Talwar-Hemaraj murder case- Role of CBI, handling of investigation, role of parents who have been accused as suspects.
  12. Wikileaks- What does it stand for and will be its role for the future?
  13. Bihar Elections- Nitish Kumars becomes CM and stands today as a symbol of progress and change. What will be the future of Bihar and what will this victory mean to the future of other opposition parties in Bihar?


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