May 2009 Persons Current affairs

  • The famous director , producer died in Mumabai. He directed fasmous movies like Zanjeer, Lavarees etc.
  • President Obama Nominated Gen. Charles Bolden to be NASA Administrator.
  • Robert Furchgott who developed Viagra died at the age of 92. He won the Noble Prize in Pharmacology. He proved that Nitric Oxide gas is useful for various reactions taking place in the body which lead to the invention of Viagra.
  • Eminent Historian, A R Kulkarni was dead at the age of 84. He is credited with the setting up the History Department at the University of Pune in 1969.
  • Prasara Bharati Chairman, Arun Bhatnagar has resigned to his job.
  • Justice Pasayat was appointed as the chairman of the Competition Appellate Tribunal.


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